Spring Neutrals

I’m back home, ever-so-slightly jet-lagged, but feeling like happiest little bean after a week among the palm trees in the Floridian sunshine. I’ll talk more about that (and the fact that I met my true love Bart Simpson) at a later date, as right now right now, I’m going to press the re-wind button to show y’all the new Spring additions that I picked up, that are making me oh so excited for the new season… if the UK could only halt the showers for a sweet moment.
I love sharing good things happening in the Midlands. I was a little worried moving to a small village. The one downside to the extra space and picturesque views was that it would make things a little harder to keep on top of new things going on, but thankfully we’re always under an hour away from both London and Birmingham, so when a full-on shopping peruse is needed, we tend to hot-foot it down to one of those, so I was super happy to hear about H&M‘s new Birmingham store.
For the launch, the guys had laid out some extra special treats such as a pop-up ‘The Good Life Barbers’ hair salon, a glitter bar hosted by Hershesons, a print-screen studio, as well as the most divine looking hand-scrolled ice cream from ‘Pan n Ice’.
Hopefully some of you caught my stories and instagram before I jetted out and got yourself down there for the opening, and bagged yourself a goodie bag and a nice little 25% off discount in the queue too!
In the warmer months, I always veer towards crisp, clean colourways. I’d been dying to pick up a few pieces to style up a selection of tonal ‘suits’ looks and thought these wide-leg cropped jeans would make a great paired with this beaut cream textured biker jacket! I also picked a bunch of tees including this muted silk-blend tee from their premium conscious range which i’ve became a bit obsessed with – especially since trying out their skincare range and finding out they have a garment collection scheme which is SUCH a good idea, particularly for someone like me who feels a smidge guilty about buying new pieces with a full wardrobe at home!
Day to day, I live in Vans or Converse but I fell in love with these red silky slips-ons which I’m sure will be my shoe of the summer.

Thanks for the invite H&M and thanks for setting us up well for the new season!

Wearing: Textured Biker JacketWide Leg Jeans, Silk-Blend Jersey Tee, Red Slip-Ons, SunglassesLarge Hoops – all c/o H&M.

Listening to: Sandy by Allah Las.

Much love, 
L xo

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