Jeans: The Story-Tellers.

Wearing: Straight-Leg Jeans by H&M, Grey Marl Cropped Tee by Topshop (similar), Mixed block Jumper by River Island (similar).

I don’t keep a diary but fortunately I do have a chest of drawers crammed full of jeans, of varying colours and styles, which I think works just the same.

The backbone of everyone’s wardrobe since even before James Dean ‘rebelled without a cause’, it’s understood that the merit of our humble denims rest in their versatility.

What you may not know is, your jean drawer is one of life’s greatest storytellers.

…albeit sans words.

While fashion trends and fads are doomed to fall in out of favour (I’m looking about you track pants and kitten heels), denim stays staunchly rooted in both our wardrobes and our lives.

The collections we amass over the years grow up with us, only undergoing subtle metamorphosis, which offer a unique glimpse in to our ever-changing lifestyles. The good, the bad and the ugly.

They’ve documented the sanguinity of your youth growing up in the 90s; that time when practicality was key but the words “too much” had zero place in your vocabulary. Jazzy pedal-pushes with embroidered patches and silky embellished turn-ups were the order of the day and they’d never let you forget that.

Ripped hemlines have chronicled that questionable period (let’s call it the “Linkin Park” era) where your low-rises would carelessly (and distastefully) slip to show your top of your underwear as their wide-bottoms dragged scruffily under your Etnies.

Some pairs ripped their knees in solidarity of your discovery of The Strokes, while others hugged your legs tightly as you swung around the dance-floor to whatever questionably named band you were into in 2007.

Today they tell the story of the girl who is craving comfortable hibernate-at-home basics and straight-talking, straight-to-the-point, straight-leg simplicity in this ice-age Spring weather we appear to be having.

See, your relationship with your denims is, and always has been, narrative-worthy.

New pairs come along for the journey and long-term favourites have stuck by your side building their own personalities as they accumulate wears, tears, scuffs and scratches as badges of honour for their longevity and your loyalty.

It’s a true love affair. Not one of those whimsical, fleeting loves. It’s a heart-wrenching, circumstance may split, but will never truly leave you kind of love affair.

They’re the Ross to your Rachel. The Romeo to your Juliet. The milk to your cereal.

They’re your lobster.

Your always reliable, sometimes scruffy, occasionally fancy, story-telling lobster.

Much love,
L xo

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