Rushden Lakes | Beauty & Lifestyle Haul

Happy Sunday buddies!! It’s been a few weeks now since my visit to Rushden Lakes – I’ve been away from my ‘home desk’ so-to-speak, keeping myself topped up with espresso martinis at hen-dos and birthday bashes – but I promised that I’d share a few of the bits that I picked up on this visit, so here we are! The good news is, I’ve now had a few weeks to trial the beauty products and move the homeware pieces around our home several times now to pass on a few more words rather than initial thoughts, so with further ado…

Walking into a L’Occitane store feels like a treat in itself, doesn’t it. Everything is beautifully presented, it smells amazing, the packaging looks incredible and the staff are always so friendly. I’m one of those nerds who always likes to have a nice hand-cream on me (like a grandma), so I went in to stock up on my fave Almond cream and was so excited to find that they were still stocking some of their limited edition ilustrated gift sets that they’re running in collaboration with Rifle Paper Co. Had to.

I had zero idea that Flying Tiger Copenhagen existed until a few weeks ago! Apparently everyone else did. Where have I been? Homeware is my absolute vice at the minute, but I usually prefer to visit 1,000 sites, fill and the abandon multiple online checkouts, before deciding on the perfect piece for the house… honestly, I’m more fussy about homeware than I am about what clothes I put on in the morning. However, I couldn’t resist picking up a few bits in here and if you like fun Scandi-style pieces, you won’t be able to either. With various celebrations booked into my diary, I picked up a bunch of cards and gift bags, as well as these sweet water-colour ‘drip’ plant pots and tea light holders for the living room, a photo frame and a set of blue wicker fairy lights that we’ve hung in our porch to give a bit of evening ambience in our little room of greenery.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned on here yet but I’m going to Florida at the end of next month!!! I haven’t been since I was little and as the date gets closer, I’m getting more and more excited about watching my bestie get married (!!!) and having a week of fun in the parks! I picked up quite a few new ‘holiday’ bits early last year which didn’t get much wear during the British summertime so I’m pretty good for clothes, but I did want a couple of easy, breezy tees (got to protect these pale shoulder of mine in that Florida heat) so I picked up this white, relaxed-fit tee in New Look, along with yet another bralet, because even though I’m never sure what size to buy when buying this style (does everyone just go for their tee size?) I just find them so comfy for day-to-day.

I’ve been massively impressed with The Ordinary’s range of skincare so far. It’s not for everyone, but as some of you may know, last summer my skin started becoming a bit problematic and I couldn’t work out if it was hormonal blemishes or allergic reactions to the product I was using that was causing me grief. I put an S.O.S call out on instagram for suggestions and immediately ditched the oh-so-easy but not-so-g
ood microcellar waters and aimed to upgrade the products while still keep my daily routine down to a minimum.

After trying out the Ordinary’s moisturiser, I’d had the Hyaluronic Acid 2 + B5 Face Serum on my shopping list for a while, and I was looking forward to having a nosey at the full range on the counter in the House of Fraser store. I have to say, I’ve been really enjoying using it. I put it on twice a day (morning and night) before my moisturiser (which at the moment is Clinique’s Dramatically Different moisturiser, which I’d used years ago and had forgotten about until my parents picked me some up for Christmas) and the turnaround in my skin has been amazing. The serum itself is quite watery but blends into a really nice texture on the skin, making it a great makeup primer, as well as generally making me feel more fresh-faced and dare I say, youthful… and as I trudge up the hill to the grand old age of 30, trust me, every little helps!

Taking everyone’s advice and had a browse at Primark’s latest homeware range and I gotta say, some of it is right up my street. I was expecting to perhaps pick up a mint-velvet cushion or two (which I did OC) but I also came home with a new Mucha-inspired floral bedset which brightens up our bedrooms and makes a nice change from our usual grey sheets, and also this mini cacti insta frame, which to be honest was completely non-essential but it looked cute and I liked the idea of being able to have some small snapshots on our bedside table.

Last but not least, and don’t judge me on this one, because I know that you know that we had indeed scoffed a luxurious afternoon tea, but yes, we did treat ourselves to a couple of Patisserie Valerie’s delights to take home with us. Can you blame us?

That’s it for this mini haul-esque post! Would love to know if you’ve been to Rushden Lakes yourself and what you picked up?

Have a great week.

Much love,
L xo

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