Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Lauren cries at The Notebook,
That much is true. 

(every single god-damn time)

It’s true, true. Despite my aversion to PDA and my somewhat lacking public declarations on matters on the heart, it’s fair to say, that there’s a whole lotta room for romance in this old heart of mine. If you’re a bird, I’m a bird… and all that.

Nevertheless, I have never, ever been bothered about going out-out to celebrate Valentines Day.

I don’t hate the holiday. Lords knows that I’d never turn my nose up at any event (consumerist of otherwise) that encourages hand-written love notes in pun-fronted cards. Lord also knows that I’d never turn down the chance of a good slap-up meal, but level with me here all you valentines date-night aficionados… when you’re out-out on that particular night of the year, does it feel like you’re filming an episode of First Dates or some kind of chemistry-themed social experiment, with couple upon couple lined up all trying to out-cute each other? Is it as weird as I imagine it to be?

I get the uncontrollable awkward giggles at the best of times, and I don’t think valentines night is the night for getting engrossed in watching the body language of all the other fellow cuties, so I usually let everyone do their thang, and stick with good food & a cuddle in front of a movie at home.

That said, when my buddies at Rushden Lakes got in touch and asked if I wanted to visit to try out a Champagne Afternoon Tea it was a no-brainer for a couple of reasons: the first being that I could do it ahead of the big day, the second was that I’d eaten at Eden Fizz & Food previously (read about that here) and both the food and décor is GORGEOUS, and thirdly, Afternoon Tea is right up my street for a luxurious yet chilled treat day!

The tea was booked for 3pm, so we decided to head over a bit early to check out some of the other stores , and I ended up picking up a bunch of stuff
from L’Occitane, New Look, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, Primark, as well as an extra sweet treat from Patisserie Valerie (apologies to my sugar levels), which I’ve decided I’ll share on a separate blog post in a few days, because I picked up some reyyyyt cute bits, some of which would make lovely gift pieces, so stay tuned if you’d be interested in that!

As for the tea itself, it was delicious! We started with a glass of champers, before we started on the loose-leaf tea, and as a one of the UK’s key tea advocates (it’s how I’d like be to known and I’m trying to make it stick), I’d say it was a solid 10/10 on the beverage front.

The service staff were on point; so attentive, friendly and sweet and sorted us out with nice last-minute vegetarian alternatives for the sandwiches (except for a little bit of smoked salmon for me) which we were so grateful for.

When it came to the desserts, are we talking warm scones, with sumptuous clotted cream and strawberry jam, walnut topped cakes, brownies and macaroons? Yep, yep we are. It was just as well we did the walking & shopping beforehand because I don’t think I could have managed it afterwards.

If you live in the Midlands or are traveling through this way, I’d highly recommend a visit to Rushden Lakes. As the name suggests, it’s perfectly situated over-looking the lakes which makes for a much more relaxing place to shop rather than a City – and as I’ve just discovered it has a Bills, which I’ll definitely be going back for.

The Eden bar is situated in the House of Fraser, and as I gushed about in this first post, it boasts the dreamiest of interiors (velvet pastel sofas, soft ambient lighting and lots of greenery) as well good grub.

So there we have it, I celebrated Valentines Day (albeit early) out of the house with my love. There’s a first for everything! If you decide to visit, let me know what you think, I’d love to know!I’ve just spotted that they’re running some nice little V-Day offers on their IG over the next few weeks!

Thanks ever so much to Rushden Lakes for our meal, we had a lovely, lovely time!

Much love,
L xo

Listening to: Sea of Love by Cat Power.

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