Style // Bowie Blues

bowieblues5Recently, I’ve been having so much fun with my wardrobe. I spent a bit of time having a good old, completely ruthless clear out. One huge bag of unrepairables went in the bin, another of never-likely-to-wears got dropped off at the charity shop and I left myself with one, much more condensed, wardrobe of favourite pieces that I love. In doing so, I can actually see what’s hanging up in there now and I’m finding I’m mixing it up a lot more.

One of those negleted items was this pair of blue velvet dungarees from Topshop! I’d bought them way before Christmas and for whatever reason, I’d completely forgot about! Bizarre. They’re gonna get a whole lotta love now. I also hadn’t quite realised that I’d amassed quite so much super sparkly glitter things (Magpie Maggie over here), including these utterly amazing platforms! I swear the sight of glitter makes me giddy. By nature, I am not a platform kinda gal – these spindly legs & small feet are not made for higher altitudes but I just couldn’t resist. They’re from Topshop’s premium collection but I found them on ebay; brand spanking new for something silly like £20! They also make me the same height as the boy, which is much to my liking… and his dismay, ha!

Rich coloured velvets, an assemble bathed in a glitter and a pair of ostentatious sunglassed to boot – I believe this is a look that even our good friend, Bowie would be proud of! And, who doesn’t want to feel like Bowie on a night out!? For a festie, I’d stick on a pair of black opaques and exchange heels for my, erm glittery chelsea boot wellies – SERIOUSLY, SOMEONE HOLD ME BACK FROM THE SPARKLE! 

Have you discovered any forgotten delights in the depths of your wardrobe recently?

much love,
lauren xo

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