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march_stripes_1 copy
Ah, the striped tee.

Unlike, many of fashion fads that have waltzed in and out of my life over the years (the studded belts that had lost most of their studs by 2002, the converse that made their way into the battered and unworn pile in 2005…) the striped tee has remained my loyal companion since the beginnings of my stylish times.

For a perfectly put together yet effortless look, nothing can beat the timelessness of a simple, breton striped tee, teamed with a loyal pair of skinnies and a girl’s trusty loafers. A tousle of the hair and a slick of red lippy later and it’s the most ‘done’ I can look for the day without making any effort whatsoever. My holy grail of daily dressing. Hardly an innovative attempt at a fashion renaissance, but it just works, everytime.

The sheer amount of striped tees I own is a little embarrassing: long sleeved; short sleeved, thick stripes, thin stripes, stripes I have pinched from the boy. It’s never enough. I admit, aesthetically, the difference between them all in minimal. A stripe is always going to be a stripe, isn’t it.

Nevertheless, with this season’s monochrome looks currently replacing the usual sunshiny brights of Spring (quite literally it seems, with yet another week of snow) I thought that one stripy purchase was necessary… for new trend’s sake 😉

I’m completely in love with this top from Olive Clothing’s basics range. It’s more a light sweater than a tee, the fit is slouchy yet feminine, and it’s super soft material means that I’m finding it difficult to prise off my back. Also, priced at an extremely economical, £9 it’s well worth snapping up one or two to take you into the throes of summer. I’m eyeing up the yellow stripes!


Just a quick heads up to all you avid stripe and pizza lovers out there: think twice before wearing black & white stripes before heading to your local pizza express.You’ll definitely look like you work there and will sit anxiously waiting for someone to ask if they can have more chili flakes on their Leggera.

What’s your daily go-to item?

Playing: The White Stripes – Apple Blossom
Eating: Anything but pizza express
Loving: Bathrooms adorned with striped wallpaper and ostentatious art!

Much love,
L xo

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